Pole School News & Testimonials


We are currently rehearsing for our 2019/2020 Pole-School show.

Pole school hosts an annual student show for friends and family to see how amazing our students are, always lots of fun and definitely optional for all students.

Our fourth Pole School show took place on Friday 18th July 2014.

The photo's shown below were taken at the Pole show that took place at The Wyllots Centre, Potters Bar, on June 26th 2010.

A fun pole fitness class, tricks, dance and strengthening to your teens favourite tunes. Limited space, so booking essential!

show show


Pole-School for me was like therapy. A positive environment where all shapes, sizes, abilities and professions get together and train, dance, learn, skill share and socialise. There is no pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with but you are always encouraged(with a radiant grin!) As an ex-ice skater, I hadn't performed in many years and through Pole-School I got to perform again as an adult. From then my performing fire was reignited and I am now a professional aerialist, ice/roller skater and burlesque artist.
Thank you to the beautiful Nathalie and all the gorgeous girls for getting me back on track!
Lots of love and leg kicks,
Jessica Ashby aka Miss CiCi Steele xx

I've been going to pole classes at Pole-School for nearly 2 years now. After having my son I felt very self-conscious and not confident at all. Nathalie is amazing, I have all my confidence back and I'm in amazing shape. Best way to get fit, meet new friendly people and have a giggle! I wouldn't go anywhere else and have recommended Pole-School to several friends.
Hannah Brody

I have been doing one on one pole lessons at pole school for the last 7 months and absolutely love it! I find it the most enjoyable and fun way to exercise. The lessons are varied and are made up of a warm up, strengthening exercises, spins and learning the harder tricks.
The teacher Nathalie is fantastic! She is extremely patient, encouraging and constructive, so easy to get along with and makes the lessons a laugh! Nathalie knows how and when to push your abilities and the best feeling is when you have been working on something you can not do and all of a sudden, one lesson you get it the first time you try.
Nicole O'Keefe

Well what can I say about Pole-School? If you have any fears or worries about going to Pole-School when Nathalie opens the door to you her big beaming smile just melt away any nerves you may have. Once inside she carefully and skilfully puts you at ease and by the end of your first session you will have tried a number of beginner moves and be well on the road to mastering them.  At whatever level you are Nathalie nurtures, encourages and supports her students as they progress and learn more and more complex moves. Her easy going, fun way of teaching are an ideal way to learn the art of Pole dancing.
Suzanna Giera