Pole school activity...

Good things happen when you come and join us at Pole School!

You get fit...
Learn new skills...
Gain confidence...
Make new friends....

See testimonials from those who have joined us and what they have to say!

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Pole school training...

Current News..... !!!

  • personalise your private lessons
  • now offering HIIT training sessions
  • personal training
  • legs, tums & bums classes
  • incorporating pole, weights, cardio and floor work!
  • private yoga lessons
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About Pole School...

Pole School are one of the longest running schools in London, having started in 2005.

Our aim is to..... provide fitness and fun to anyone and everyone!!!

We hold "drop in", "pay as you go" and "private lessons" every day for ALL levels!

All classes now..continual enrolment*

Whatever your reason for strting pole lessons, we can cater for you. Is it for confidence, fitness or fun? Work or play, or just to get amazing photos for your social media, we are behind you every step of the way!

Pole classWHAT WE TEACH...

Pole dance movements, pole tricks, climbing, transitions, spins and poses.

Choreographing your own routines (or you can follow one of ours!)

For Poleschool, you should wear something easy to move in.
Leggings or tracksuit with trainers or pumps should be worn for the warm up and stretch section.
Then you will need shorts (you may wear a skirt on top if you choose) and high heeled boots or shoes for the class.
You will need bare skin to contact with the pole, so cycling shorts are not suitable.

No hand oil, moisturising cream or body lotion to be applied prior to or during class.

Booking is essential as there are limited spaces available.
Payment should be made by cash or cheque by the first day of the course.
Please note that the full fee will be payable in the event of cancellation of any booking within 24 hours.